What is Optimised Battery Charging on iPhone? – Explained

The standard lifespan for an Android smartphone battery is typically around two years. In contrast, iPhones boast a longer battery life, surpassing three years despite having a smaller battery capacity. The secret behind this extended durability lies in the efficient optimization of iOS.

Apple introduced the Optimized Battery Charging feature with the launch of iOS 13. This innovative feature analyzes your charging patterns and adjusts the charging process accordingly. As a result, iPhones may sometimes not charge beyond 80%. This guide will delve into the advantages of the Optimized Battery Charging feature and provide insights into how to disable it when necessary.

What is Optimised Battery Charging?

With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple implemented the Optimized Battery Charging feature. This function actively learns your daily charging habits, allowing it to delay charging beyond 80% until it anticipates that you will require your device. The purpose of this feature is to enhance the overall battery life by minimizing the number of charge cycles, thereby extending the lifespan of your device’s battery.

How To Turn Off Optimised Battery Charging?

Optimized Battery Charging is a functionality incorporated into several Apple devices. If you’re indifferent to preserving your battery health, you have the option to deactivate this feature. To disable Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone, follow the steps outlined below:

1- Unplug the Charger

Before adjusting any battery-related settings, ensure your iPhone is disconnected from any charger. This initial step is crucial to the process as we proceed to make changes.

2- Go to Settings

Unlock your iPhone and access the Settings icon from the applications menu.

3- Tap on Battery

Navigate down the Settings menu on your iPhone and select “Battery.”

4- Tap on Battery Health

Upon entering the Battery settings, where comprehensive details about power consumption are displayed, disregard other information and proceed to tap on “Battery Health.”

5- Toggle Off Optimised Battery Charging

If you observe that Optimized Battery Charging is currently enabled, simply toggle the icon to the OFF position to deactivate it.

6- Tap on Turn Off

After disabling the Optimized Battery Charging feature, your iPhone will prompt you with options: “Turn Off Until Tomorrow” and “Turn Off.” Select “Turn Off” if you wish to deactivate the feature.


In conclusion, Optimized Battery Charging on the iPhone is a valuable feature designed to enhance battery longevity by intelligently adjusting charging patterns based on daily usage. While it proves beneficial for extending the overall lifespan of the device’s battery, users have the flexibility to disable this feature if they prioritize other considerations over battery health. By following a straightforward process within the iPhone’s settings, users can easily turn off Optimized Battery Charging. Ultimately, the choice to enable or disable this feature rests on individual preferences and priorities regarding device performance and battery longevity.

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