Avita Laptop Not Charging – How To Fix? (6 Methods)

Encountering charging issues with your laptop can be a nightmarish experience, disrupting your work and causing unnecessary worry. This problem becomes even more frustrating when using Avita, a relatively new brand offering slim and stylish notebooks at competitive prices.

Avita has gained popularity as the go-to choice for those seeking budget-friendly notebooks with respectable hardware specifications. However, a concerning trend has emerged, with numerous Avita laptop users reporting that their devices fail to function when connected to a power source. Interestingly, the culprit is not always the battery; even if it’s relatively new, users are experiencing charging issues.

Despite the potential frustration, there’s a silver lining – there are generally workable solutions available to address and resolve these problems.

Why is my Avita Laptop Not Charging?

The charging issue with your Avita Laptop could stem from various reasons. Let’s explore some potential causes:

  • Electrical problems with the socket: The socket where you plug in the charging adapter might have electrical issues.

  • Damaged AC adapter: The AC adapter itself may be damaged, hindering its ability to deliver power to the laptop.

  • Dirty charging ports: Accumulated dirt in the charging ports can disrupt the connection, preventing successful charging.

  • Overheating: If your laptop is overheating, it could interfere with the charging process.

  • Loose battery connection: A loose connection between the battery and the laptop can lead to charging problems.

  • Outdated battery-installed drivers: The drivers associated with your laptop’s battery might be outdated, causing charging issues.

These are among the most commonly encountered problems when facing charging issues with your Avita laptop. Identifying the specific cause can help in implementing targeted solutions to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Avita Laptop Not Charging Issue?

To address the charging problem with your Avita Laptop, let’s delve into each potential issue and provide corresponding solutions. By evaluating these solutions, you can determine whether they are sufficient to resolve your Avita charging problem:

Restart your laptop

A crucial step is to disable all Wi-Fi connections on your laptop and initiate a standard shutdown. Allow some time before powering it back on. Verify whether your laptop is now charging or not.

Check the power outlet

Occasionally, the power socket where you insert your power adapter may be faulty or damaged. The recommended solution is to take your adapter and test it in a different socket. Verify whether your laptop charges in the alternative socket or not.

Checking the adapter

There’s a slight possibility that your adapter could be dirty or damaged. Even a small accumulation of grease or dirt within the ports can hinder proper connection and charging. In such instances, the recommended course of action is to clean the charging ports and plugs thoroughly before attempting to charge again.

If this doesn’t yield positive results, attempt to charge your laptop using a charger borrowed from a friend or family member. If the laptop charges with the alternative charger, it suggests that your laptop’s charging adapter may be damaged.

Overheated laptop

Modern laptops are designed to shut down certain services and functions when they reach an overheated state or when memory usage approaches its limit due to excessive activity. This can lead to a situation where the laptop is plugged in but not charging.

To address this issue, the optimal solution is to close programs that could be contributing to the overheating. Afterward, plug in the charger and monitor if the laptop resumes normal charging functionality.

Loose battery

If your laptop features a removable battery, start by removing it. Subsequently, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to discharge any residual power in the laptop. Connect the charging adapter with the battery removed and power on the laptop. If the laptop functions correctly, it suggests a potential issue with the battery.

To further troubleshoot, reinsert the battery and observe if it charges properly. The battery might have been loose, causing improper charging. For laptops without a removable battery, consulting a mechanic shop to test the battery is advisable. Before resorting to professional assistance, consider trying additional solutions. If the problem persists, seeking the expertise of a technician becomes necessary.

Update battery drivers

In Windows laptops, pre-installed battery drivers may become outdated over time. To address this, consider updating the drivers by visiting Avita’s official website and downloading the latest versions. Navigate to the support section using this link: https://avita-india.com/product/liber/support. Enter your laptop’s model number, download the updated drivers, and install them on your device.

Alternatively, you can check for driver updates through PC settings. Right-click on the start button and select Device Manager. In the Device Manager window, locate the batteries section, expand it, right-click on the entries, and choose ‘Update Drivers.’ Follow the on-screen instructions; if updated drivers are available, your laptop will install them automatically.

After updating the drivers, reboot the system and examine the battery and charging status. If, despite these efforts, the charging pro


Implement all the outlined steps and solutions, as each one is designed to pinpoint and address potential issues with your Avita Laptop’s charging. By following these instructions, you should be able to effectively resolve the charging problem on your device.

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