How To Fix Tribit Speaker Not Charging? – 8 Fixes!

A powerful portable speaker can elevate your music listening experience, offering crisp sound and unmatched convenience. However, the frustration of a Tribit speaker not charging can quickly dampen your enjoyment. A Tribit speaker, known for its exceptional audio quality and portability, may encounter charging issues for various reasons. In this article, we will delve into the common causes behind a Tribit speaker’s charging problems and explore troubleshooting steps to help you get back to enjoying your favorite tunes with uninterrupted sound. Whether you’re a loyal Tribit fan or a new user, understanding these issues and solutions can save you from the inconvenience of a non-charging speaker and ensure your music keeps playing without a hitch.

The Tribit XSound Go stands out as a highly sought-after portable Bluetooth speaker, celebrated for its remarkable 24-hour playback capability on a single charge. However, it’s no secret that many customers have grappled with the frustrating issue of battery charging problems when using this speaker.

I, too, recently found myself facing a charging dilemma with my Tribit XSound Go. Fortunately, during my quest for solutions, I stumbled upon a Reddit post where a fellow Tribit user shared some valuable insights.

After applying the methods outlined in the post, I successfully resolved the charging problem plaguing my Tribit speaker. If you find yourself in a similar situation where your Tribit isn’t charging properly, this guide is a must-read for you.

Why Is My Tribit Speaker Not Charging?

There exist multiple factors that can lead to the Tribit portable speakers refusing to charge. These encompass a fully depleted battery, a charging port clogged with dirt or debris, a malfunctioning charging cable, a faulty wall outlet, an ineffective power adapter, software glitches, and a drained battery life. On occasion, a more complex issue may arise within the mainboard, necessitating professional repair.

How To Fix Tribit Speaker Not Charging?

To resolve charging issues with your Tribit portable speaker, consider following these recommended methods:

1. Turn On And Charge

Do you typically charge your Tribit speaker while it’s powered off? Occasionally, lithium-ion batteries can enter sleep mode and become unresponsive to charging. To potentially address this issue, it’s recommended to power on your Tribit speaker and then connect it to the charger. This approach worked for me when I encountered a similar problem with my JBL speaker a few months ago – it began charging successfully once I powered it on and connected it to the charger.

2. Charge For 8 Hours

In cases where your speaker’s battery has been significantly depleted, it may not initiate charging right away. To address this, simply connect the charger and allow the battery to rest for a minimum of 8 hours to kickstart the revival process. After this time period, your speaker should begin charging once more. If this initial attempt does not resolve the issue, it’s advisable to proceed with the next troubleshooting solution.

3. Factory Reset

Charging and pairing problems with your Tribit speaker can sometimes be attributed to software glitches. To address these issues, performing a factory reset is recommended. This reset process will erase any pre-stored data on your speaker and restore it to its default settings, often resolving battery charging problems.

To initiate a factory reset on your Tribit speaker, follow these simple steps:

  • Begin by powering on the speaker using the Power button.
  • Once the speaker is fully powered on, you’ll notice the LED indicator blinking.
  • Press and hold both the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds. You should hear two confirmation beeps.

With these steps completed, your Tribit Bluetooth speaker will have been successfully reset to its factory default settings. You can now proceed to connect the charger and check whether it is charging as expected.

4. Clean The Charging Port

Portable speakers are frequently employed for outdoor gatherings where dust and debris are prevalent. As time passes, these particles tend to accumulate in the speaker’s charging port, hindering the charging process.

To address this issue, it’s advisable to carefully examine your USB Type-C charging port for any obstructing dust or debris. If you identify any such particles, gently remove them using a toothpick and then clean the port with isopropyl alcohol.

After cleaning the port, allow a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate, and then proceed to connect the charger. In most instances, this cleaning process effectively resolves the charging problem.

5. Change The Charging Cable

Have you taken a close look at your charging cable? Frequent use can lead to wear and tear, causing the charging cable to become frayed or damaged. To troubleshoot your Tribit speaker’s charging issue, consider trying an alternative charging cable to determine whether it resolves the problem.

6. Try A Different Adapter

Using the wrong or faulty adapter can impede your speaker’s charging process. It’s important to note that using a superfast Android charger, designed for rapid charging, may pose issues as your speaker is not designed for such high-speed charging.

To troubleshoot this, experiment with an alternate 5W or 10W adapter to determine if it facilitates charging. Additionally, you have the option to charge your Tribit speaker using a laptop USB hub or a power bank as alternative power sources.

7. Replace The Battery

If you observe rapid battery depletion, this can be indicative of a defective battery, which can consequently hinder the charging process. When you encounter such issues, it is advisable to promptly address the problem by seeking a battery replacement. I recommend contacting an authorized service center to facilitate the necessary battery replacement for your speaker.

8. Contact Customer Support

Tribit offers a convenient 12-month hassle-free warranty for all its speakers. Should your product still be within this warranty period, I encourage you to reach out to Tribit’s customer support department to initiate a warranty claim. In the event that your speaker is determined to have a faulty motherboard, Tribit will arrange for a replacement to ensure your satisfaction.

How To Know Whether My Tribit Speaker Is Charging?

Upon connecting the charger, you’ll notice a reddish-purple light illuminating next to the power button. This serves as an indicator that your speaker is in the process of charging. Once the light transitions to a steady, solid blue, it signifies that your speaker’s battery has reached its full charge capacity.

How Long Does Tribit Speaker Take To Charge Fully?

The charging duration varies depending on the specific model of your Tribit speaker. Larger battery sizes naturally require more time to reach a complete charge. For instance, in the case of the Tribit XSound Go, which I personally own, it typically takes approximately 5 hours to achieve a full charge.

Can We Replace Tribit XSound Go Battery?

Certainly, if you possess knowledge of electrical circuits, you have the option to replace the battery in your Tribit XSound Go on your own. Begin by sourcing a suitable XSound Go battery replacement from platforms like eBay or AliExpress. Afterward, proceed to disassemble the speaker, carefully disconnect the existing connections, and install the new battery to restore your speaker’s functionality.


I encountered a charging issue with my Tribit XSound Go, which turned out to be caused by a faulty charging cable. To resolve this problem, I purchased a replacement cable from Amazon, and it effectively resolved the issue. If you’re facing a similar charging problem, consider trying an alternative USB-C cable from a smartphone to charge your speaker.

If you found this guide helpful in resolving your speaker’s charging issue, I encourage you to share your experience in the comment section below. Your feedback can be valuable in helping others discover the most effective methods that worked for you.

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