Samsung Galaxy Buds Not Charging: How To Fix? (3 DIY Tips)

Introducing a common frustration experienced by many Samsung Galaxy Buds users – the issue of them not charging. These sleek and advanced wireless earbuds, designed to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, sometimes encounter an unexpected hiccup that leaves users puzzled and disappointed. In this article, we delve into the possible reasons behind this inconvenience, explore troubleshooting steps to potentially resolve the problem, and offer insights into preventative measures to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted audio experience. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or a casual user, understanding why your Samsung Galaxy Buds might not be charging can be invaluable knowledge in maintaining these cutting-edge accessories.

In the realm of audio technology, the Galaxy Buds series emerges as a distinctive contender, vying with Apple AirPods by offering an unparalleled amalgamation of comfort and auditory gratification. This fusion of excellence remains unblemished until an unforeseen predicament arises – the cessation of both devices’ charging capabilities.

Stepping into the limelight, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro astounds with its superlative audio fidelity, extended battery life, and the added boon of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). However, even amidst its remarkable construction quality, occasional hiccups rear their head.

Among the encountered challenges, a notable issue revolves around reports from numerous users who find their Samsung Galaxy Buds failing to charge, with a persistent illumination of the red LED indicator. As a consequence, the Galaxy Buds metamorphose into dormant accessories, unresponsive to attempts at activation. In the ensuing discourse, we embark on a journey to uncover uncomplicated remedies for this quandary.

Why Won’t Samsung Galaxy Buds Charge or Turn On?

The prevailing cause for the lack of charging in one or both Galaxy Buds frequently stems from employing an uncertified case and charger, a malfunctioning charging cable, incorrect positioning of the buds within the case, inadequately charged case, impairment to the case or buds, or unclean earbud tips and case contacts.

Alternatively, the earbuds’ battery might have been fully depleted, and the oversight of neglecting a firmware update over an extended duration could also contribute to this issue.

How Do I Fix My Samsung Galaxy Buds Not Charging?

Several factors could be responsible for the non-charging of your Galaxy earbuds. In the subsequent discussion, we will explore the primary causes and provide solutions to rectify the situation.

1. Use Samsung Certified Case

In the event that you have misplaced your original Samsung Galaxy Buds case or it has incurred damage, and you find yourself resorting to a third-party alternative for charging your earbuds, it is advisable to discontinue this practice.

Samsung consistently advocates for the use of authentic accessories in conjunction with its products. There is a potential scenario where the third-party case may lack compatibility with the Galaxy Buds, prompting caution in such situations.

2. Fully Charge Your Case

In the circumstance where you are utilizing Samsung’s authentic case, yet encounter difficulties with your Galaxy buds not charging, it is recommended to ensure that your case is completely charged.

There is a likelihood that the case’s charge level might be insufficient to effectively charge your earbuds, warranting a thorough charging of the case itself.

3. Use Samsung Certified Charger & Cable

Using a Samsung-certified power adapter is consistently advised for charging your Galaxy buds case. Additionally, it’s crucial to employ an accredited USB Type-C data cable for the case charging process.

It’s important to emphasize that the USB cable’s integrity should be confirmed, ensuring it is free from any damage or wear.

4. Clean Your Case & Buds

A case that is contaminated with dirt may impede the flow of electricity. It’s imperative to examine and ensure that your case is devoid of dirt or debris.

If you find the case to be soiled, take the necessary steps to cleanse it using an appropriate cleaning solution along with a gentle cloth. Equally important is the cleaning of the earbud pins, specifically the points where they come into contact with the charging case.

5. Reset Your Earbuds

Should your Galaxy Buds+ encounter charging issues, initiating a reset might be the solution. Begin by downloading the Galaxy Wearable app onto your smartphone and establishing a Bluetooth connection with your earbuds.

Once connected, navigate to the Galaxy Buds section within the app, proceed to the General settings, and then initiate the reset by tapping the “Reset earbuds” option.

Adhering to these steps meticulously will guide you through the process of resetting your Galaxy Buds effectively.

  • Retrieve your earbuds from their case.
  • Reinsert the earbuds back into the case.
  • Ensure the case lid remains open, then press and hold the button on the earbuds for a duration of seven seconds.
  • After a brief pause, take the earbuds out of the case.
  • Subsequently, place the earbuds back into the case and securely close the lid.
  • Proceed to establish a Bluetooth connection and initiate the reset process via the
  • Galaxy Buds Wearable app.

6. Charge Wirelessly

The most recent Samsung flagship devices come equipped with an innovative feature known as PowerShare, introduced by Samsung.

To activate this functionality, access the notification panel and activate the PowerShare option from the toggles.

With the PowerShare function enabled, position your Galaxy Buds case onto the rear side of your Samsung smartphone.

This action initiates a wireless charging process for both your Samsung Galaxy Buds case and the earbuds themselves.


The prevalence of incompatible charging cases and adapters stands as a common cause for the failure of Samsung Galaxy Buds cases to charge.

Should you encounter a situation where your Galaxy buds are unresponsive to charging, it’s advisable to implement the outlined six steps provided above for resolution. In the event that these steps prove ineffective, seeking assistance from a Samsung care center for professional repair is recommended.

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