How to Fix the PS5 Controller Not Charging Issue?

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken the gaming world by storm with its cutting-edge technology and immersive gaming experiences. However, even the most advanced gaming systems can encounter technical issues, and one of the more common concerns that PS5 users have faced is the controller not charging problem.

This vexing issue has left gamers frustrated and searching for solutions as it disrupts their gameplay and overall experience. In this article, we will delve into the various factors contributing to the PS5 controller not charging issue, explore potential causes, and provide practical troubleshooting steps to help gamers get back to enjoying their favorite titles hassle-free.

What Causes PS5 Controller Charging Issue?

Several factors can contribute to the issue of your PlayStation 5 controller not charging. Below, we will outline some of the most prevalent reasons for this problem:

1- Dead Batteries

The primary and most frequent cause behind a gaming console’s failure to charge is often the depletion of its batteries, necessitating replacement. If your controller has seen extensive use, it’s probable that the batteries have reached the end of their lifespan and require a fresh set.

2- Faulty Charging Cable

A common issue leading to a controller’s failure to charge is a defective charging cable. If you’re using the official Sony PS5 charging cable, this is less likely to be the root cause of the problem. Nevertheless, should you observe any indications of wear or damage on the cable, it’s plausible that it may no longer effectively charge the controller.

3- Damaged Charging Port

The issue could also stem from any noticeable damage to the charging port on either the controller or the console. If the port appears bent or shows signs of damage, it’s probable that it isn’t establishing a proper connection, resulting in the controller not charging correctly.

4- Power Issues

Power-related problems with your PS5 might be a contributing factor to the controller not charging. If the console isn’t correctly connected to a power source, or if there are issues with the power supply, this could be the underlying cause of the controller’s failure to charge.

5- Defective Controller

In rare instances, the controller itself may be faulty and incapable of retaining a charge. If you’ve exhausted all other troubleshooting options listed here and the controller still refuses to charge, it may be necessary to consider a replacement.

Software-related problems are also a possibility, including pending firmware updates or incorrect settings. These issues can often be resolved by performing a reset on your PS5 console and ensuring it is running the latest firmware.


Various factors can lead to improper charging of your PS5 controller. Typically, addressing the issue involves cleaning the charging port or installing new batteries. It is hoped that one of the remedies mentioned above has resolved the “PS5 controller not charging” problem for you. However, if none of these solutions prove effective, it may be necessary to consider replacing the controller itself.

After attempting all the solutions outlined in this list, if the controller continues to resist charging, there’s a possibility that it is defective and requires replacement.

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