How To Fix Owlet Sock Not Charging? (Easy Steps)

The Owlet Smart Sock is a remarkable device that has revolutionized infant monitoring by providing real-time information about a baby’s vital signs, including heart rate and oxygen levels. However, as with any electronic gadget, users may encounter issues related to charging.

In this article, we will delve into the common reasons behind Owlet Sock not charging and explore potential solutions to ensure that this essential piece of baby-monitoring technology remains operational when it’s needed most. Understanding the causes and troubleshooting steps for this problem can help parents and caregivers maintain peace of mind while keeping a close eye on their precious little ones.

What is Owlet Sock?

The Owlet Sock is a wearable baby monitor designed to provide parents with real-time information about their infant’s well-being, specifically their heart rate and oxygen levels. The Owlet Sock is a small, comfortable sock-like device that is typically placed on a baby’s foot. It uses pulse oximetry technology, similar to the sensors used in hospitals, to measure these vital signs.

The device connects to a base station or a smartphone app via wireless technology, allowing parents or caregivers to monitor their baby’s health on a real-time basis. If the Owlet Sock detects any irregularities in the baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels, it can send alerts to the connected devices, providing peace of mind to parents and ensuring they can respond promptly to any potential issues.

It’s worth noting that the product landscape can change, so there may have been updates or new versions of the Owlet Sock introduced since my last update. For the most current information about the Owlet Sock and its features, I recommend visiting the official Owlet website or consulting more recent sources.

Why is my Owlet Sock Not Charging?

If you’re encountering issues with your Owlet Sock not charging, there are several potential factors to consider. To begin troubleshooting, make sure your smartphone is correctly paired with the Owlet app to monitor the battery status.

The most frequent culprits behind charging problems are often faulty charging cables, unclean charging ports, or problematic power outlets. Beyond these hardware-related issues, it’s also possible that the problem may be rooted in the device’s software.

How To Fix Owlet Sock Not Charging Issue?

If your Owlet Sock isn’t charging, there are several straightforward solutions to consider. Let’s explore a few of these easy fixes:

1. Restart Your Owlet

Begin by attempting a restart of your Owlet Sock. A forced reboot can often resolve minor software glitches.

If the issue persists even after the reboot, it indicates a potential problem with the charger or a different underlying issue.

2. Clean Your Charging Port

A dirty charging port is another potential culprit that can prevent your Owlet Sock from charging correctly. Regular maintenance is advised to prevent this issue.

Carefully examine the charging port for any visible debris or dirt, and then use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean it thoroughly. This will help ensure proper charging by removing any obstructions from the port.

3. Dry Your Owlet Sock

Owlet is a baby health monitoring device, but there’s a chance that the sensor may have become wet if your baby’s diaper leaked or for some other reason, causing charging issues.

If you suspect that the Owlet sock has become wet, it’s advisable to let it air dry in sunlight for at least one hour or use a hair dryer to expedite the drying process. This will help ensure that the device functions correctly after any moisture-related incidents.

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4. Replace Your Charging Cable

Frequently, the issue originates from the charging cable. When an electronic device fails to charge when connected, it’s often due to a damaged charging cable or a defective power adapter.

Inspect your Owlet charging cable closely for any signs of damage. If you detect any issues, consider purchasing a replacement. You can find new charging cables for Owlet on the official website or through various e-commerce platforms. Simply click the option to purchase a new charging cable to ensure seamless functionality.

5. Try a Different Power Source

If you have an alternative charging adapter available, it’s worth trying that option. Alternatively, you can attempt to charge the Owlet by plugging it into your MacBook or laptop. If neither of these methods works, consider purchasing a new charger.

If the issue persists and it appears to be related to the Owlet’s battery, you have the option to replace the battery yourself. This do-it-yourself approach can be a solution to address any battery-related problems.

6. Reset Your Owlet

Performing a hard reset is a go-to solution for resolving software glitches in various devices. If you’ve exhausted all previous troubleshooting steps and your Owlet Sock is still not charging a factory reset may be the answer.

To initiate a factory reset, open your Owlet mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions provided. This process can effectively address persistent issues and restore your device’s functionality.

7. Contact Customer Support

Your final recourse should be to reach out to Owlet customer support. If your device is within the warranty period, contact the brand’s customer care to register a complaint. They are equipped to either resolve the issue or provide a replacement for your device, ensuring that your concerns are addressed satisfactorily.


The Owlet Sock is purpose-built to enable parents to remotely monitor their child’s health and maintain continuous oversight of their sleeping patterns. By implementing the solutions mentioned earlier, you can effectively resolve any charging issues with the Owlet Smart Sock, ensuring that you can continue tracking your baby’s health and sleep habits without interruption.

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