How To Fix Kurdene Earbuds Not Charging? – Best Ways To Fixes!

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Kurdene wireless earbuds are an exquisite pair of truly wireless earbuds that harness the power of advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Their sleek and ergonomic design ensures both style and comfort, earning them the admiration of thousands of satisfied customers who have showered them with five-star reviews on Amazon.

Nonetheless, a few customers have encountered issues with the charging process of their Kurdene earbuds. This problem can have various underlying causes. If you are a Kurdene earbuds owner who has purchased the product from Amazon and is currently experiencing charging difficulties, this comprehensive guide is tailored to address your concerns and offer potential solutions.

Why Are Kurdene Earbuds Not Charging?

The primary and most prevalent issue often stems from improper placement of the earbuds within the charging case. Typically, users may overlook the precise alignment when stowing the earbuds, resulting in the charging pins on the earbuds failing to connect with the corresponding pins in the case.

Numerous other factors could also be contributing to your Kurdene wireless earbuds not charging properly. To pinpoint these potential causes and provide effective solutions, let’s delve into a detailed exploration of the issue:

  1. Improper Earbud Placement (Most Common Issue):

    • Ensure that the earbuds are correctly seated within the charging case, allowing the charging pins to connect securely.
  2. Uncharged Case:

    • Verify that the charging case itself is adequately charged. It should have sufficient power to replenish the earbuds.
  3. Unclean Charging Case:

    • Examine the charging case for any dirt, debris, or foreign particles that may obstruct the charging process. Clean the case if necessary.
  4. Faulty Charging Cable:

    • Evaluate the charging cable to ensure it is not damaged or malfunctioning. If required, consider using a different, functional charging cable.
  5. Outdated Firmware:

    • Check if your earbuds require a firmware update. Outdated firmware can lead to charging issues. If an update is available, install it to potentially resolve the problem.

By addressing these various potential causes and their respective solutions, you can increase the likelihood of resolving the charging issues with your Kurdene wireless earbuds effectively.

How To Fix Kurdene Wireless Earbuds Not Charging?

Let’s explore the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue of Kurdene earbuds not charging.

1. Place Earbuds Properly

To begin, it is essential to confirm that you have correctly positioned your earbuds within the charging case. Inadequate placement can result in the earbuds’ charging pins failing to connect with the corresponding pins in the charging case.

Once the earbuds are correctly situated, allow them ample time to charge fully. Kurdene wireless earbuds typically require around two hours to achieve a full charge.

2. Fully Charge Your Case

If you’ve recently acquired your Kurdene wireless earbuds and encounter a situation where the earbuds are not charging, consider connecting the charging case to a charger. There’s a chance that the case’s battery might be completely depleted, thus preventing your earbuds from charging within the case.

3. Clean Your Earbuds & Case

Whenever we place earbuds in our ear canals, they can become affected by sweat and skin sebum secretion, leading to the accumulation of oils. This, in turn, tends to attract environmental dust, forming a barrier around the charging pins of the earbuds.

Likewise, the charging case can also collect dust from its surroundings, including contact with items like jeans, creating a similar insulating layer. This layer of dust impedes the flow of electricity, resulting in non-charging earbuds.

The solution to this issue involves cleaning both the earbuds and the charging case using isopropyl alcohol and a soft fabric or cotton cloth. This cleaning process effectively resolves the problem of earbuds not charging, and it can be applied to any brand of earbuds.

4. Inspect Your Charging Cable

For optimal performance and safety, it is advisable to utilize the original charging cable supplied by the manufacturer and refrain from employing fast-charging adapters for charging your earbuds. Additionally, it is important to conduct a visual examination of your charging cable, promptly replacing it if any signs of damage are detected.

5. Update Firmware

Kurdene regularly releases firmware updates for their earbuds, and it is highly recommended to ensure your firmware remains current. These updates are instrumental in addressing reported bugs, enhancing the overall audio experience, and maintaining the earbuds’ optimal functionality. For instructions on how to update the firmware, consult the Kurdene wireless earbuds manual, which provides detailed guidance on the process.

6. Reset Kurdene Wireless Earbuds

When you’ve exhausted other troubleshooting options and continue to experience charging and connectivity issues with your Kurdene earbuds, performing a factory reset can often resolve these problems. If you’re unsure about the steps involved in resetting your Kurdene wireless earbuds, follow the process outlined below:

  • Access your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Disconnect and remove the Kurdene earbuds from the list of paired devices on your phone.
  • Take both earbuds out of their charging case.
  • Press and hold the tops of both earbuds simultaneously for 15 seconds.
  • Release the earbuds and place them back into the charging case.
  • Press and hold them again for 3 seconds to power the earbuds on.
  • Return to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and reconnect the earbuds.
  • If prompted for a PIN, enter “0000” to complete the pairing process.

Following these steps should help you perform a factory reset on your Kurdene wireless earbuds and potentially resolve any lingering issues.


Performing a factory reset serves as an effective solution for rectifying charging and connectivity issues in truly wireless earbuds. The steps outlined above can be followed to address charging problems. However, in the event that none of the previously mentioned solutions prove successful, it’s possible that your earbuds are defective and require replacement. To initiate a replacement request, you can visit Kurdene’s official website for further assistance.

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