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Encountering issues with GoPro products, particularly when facing charging problems, warrants a systematic approach for resolution. Initially, attempt to troubleshoot independently by making minor adjustments. Focus on addressing the common issue of a GoPro not charging by first trying a different charging cable. Given that GoPro devices typically use a USB Type-C cable, switching it out may resolve the problem.

However, if the problem persists, it is recommended to seek assistance from technical support. This is a crucial step to efficiently address and resolve deeper issues that may be affecting the charging process. Potential concerns could range from problems with the charging socket to issues with the connected cables.

Regardless of the specific GoPro model you own, this step-by-step process is applicable. By contacting technical support and providing a detailed explanation of your issue, you enable professionals to assess and take the necessary actions to deliver a clear solution. Following this method ensures a systematic and effective approach to reactivate your GoPro action camera, allowing you to resume its optimal use.

How to Improve GoPro Battery Life

Despite GoPro devices reigning supreme in the action camera market, users may still encounter battery life issues across various models. To preemptively address the potential problem of a GoPro not charging, it is advisable to implement certain strategies. Additionally, optimizing the long-term battery life of your GoPro device is crucial for achieving efficient and extended usage.

For prolonged use of your GoPro device, consider adjusting specific settings. For instance, when shooting in 4K quality with active Wi-Fi and LCD screen, the battery typically lasts around 1.5 hours. To mitigate the risk of the GoPro not charging problem, carefully follow these guidelines. If you anticipate an extended outdoor stay and wish to prolong your shooting time, taking measures to extend the battery life becomes essential.

Firmware Update

Verify that your GoPro device is operating on the most recent firmware version by checking for updates. Updating the firmware not only addresses potential issues with your GoPro but also contributes to extending the device’s battery life. To initiate the update, establish a Wi-Fi connection between your GoPro camera and your phone, and commence the update process.

Keep It Off When Not Recording

The GoPro device tends to deplete its battery over time, even when not actively recording. To conserve battery life, it’s crucial to power off your GoPro when not in use. Furthermore, leveraging the QuickCapture feature enables you to commence recording immediately upon turning on your GoPro, contributing to additional preservation of battery life.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

Similar to other devices, turning off Wi-Fi on your GoPro can markedly enhance its battery life. This becomes particularly crucial if you’re grappling with a GoPro not charging problem stemming from a depleted battery. Given the relatively compact size of the GoPro battery, deactivating Wi-Fi can yield approximately 15 additional minutes of usage. Verify the status of Wi-Fi activity by checking the blue LED light on the front of the camera. You can manage Wi-Fi toggling through the dedicated button situated on the side of your GoPro.

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Reduce Recording Resolution and Frame Rate

To conserve energy during recording, your GoPro device operates more efficiently when capturing fewer pixels and frames per second. Opt for lower resolutions and frame rates while recording to minimize energy consumption. In most scenarios, recording at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second strikes a balance. However, for optimal battery usage, consider lowering the settings to 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. It’s worth noting that in professional recording settings, higher resolutions may take precedence, and this step may not be suitable. Nevertheless, implementing these adjustments can contribute to preventing potential issues such as the GoPro not charging in the future.

Keep the LCD Screen Off

Every GoPro model features a built-in LCD screen that facilitates the viewing of recordings and quick adjustments. However, it is important to note that this screen consumes a substantial amount of battery power. To optimize battery life, exercise discretion in activating the screen only when absolutely necessary.

Get an Extended Battery Pack or Extra Batteries

To fully leverage the features of your GoPro device without compromising battery life, explore the option of utilizing an extended battery pack. It’s important to note that this choice might add bulk and weight to your setup. Alternatively, you can choose to carry extra regular batteries. Additionally, incorporating an external battery charger enables you to recharge spare batteries on the go while continuing to shoot.

Is It Possible to Record While Connected to a Power Source with GoPro?

Utilizing USB charging adapters, GoPro fast chargers, or portable power sources enables seamless video recording and photo capture on your GoPro device. It’s recommended to use the provided USB-C cable for connections. This setup facilitates the convenient shooting of extended videos and the creation of time-lapse shots. For a new charger, click the link provided.

It’s important to note that even if your GoPro cameras are charging, the battery won’t charge during recording; charging commences once recording is stopped. This approach can also assist in resolving the GoPro not charging issue. Additionally, recording is not possible while your GoPro device is connected to your computer for charging. Ensure that the camera’s cover remains open during charging to avoid potential water damage.

Storing and Using Your GoPro Battery

Your GoPro device comprises delicate components, with the battery being particularly sensitive. To safeguard against potential issues and prolong battery life, avoid exposing your GoPro camera to extreme temperatures, both high and low. Extreme temperature conditions can substantially diminish battery life and disrupt the proper functioning of the device. Additionally, preventing abrupt changes in temperature and humidity is vital to prevent condensation from forming inside the camera.

Never attempt to dry your GoPro camera using heat sources such as a microwave or hairdryer, as any damage resulting from liquid entering the camera is not covered by the warranty. If you need a new battery, you can find one by clicking the provided link.

When storing your GoPro camera’s battery, refrain from placing it near metallic objects like coins, keys, or jewelry. Contact with metal objects can elevate the risk of a fire through interactions with the battery terminals. Avoid unauthorized modifications to your GoPro camera, as they can lead to security vulnerabilities, non-compliance with usage conditions, and a decline in device performance, potentially voiding the camera’s warranty.

Note that the battery capacity of your GoPro camera diminishes in cold weather conditions, with a more pronounced effect on older batteries. If you frequently use your GoPro in cold temperatures, consider regular battery replacements to uphold optimal performance. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for ensuring the best performance and longevity of your GoPro device and its battery.


The issue of a GoPro not charging requires a systematic and proactive approach to troubleshooting and optimizing battery performance. Begin by attempting minor adjustments, such as changing the charging cable, and ensure that your device is running the latest firmware. Implement power-saving strategies, like turning off Wi-Fi and the LCD screen when not in use, and consider adjusting recording settings for more efficient energy consumption.

Exploring external options, such as extended battery packs or additional regular batteries, can provide practical solutions to extend usage. Connecting your GoPro to various charging sources, like USB adapters or portable power banks, enables continuous recording and convenient photo capture. However, it’s important to note that the battery won’t charge during recording, and charging only initiates once recording is stopped.

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