DJI Spark Battery Not Charging

The DJI Spark, a compact and powerful drone, has gained popularity for its portability and advanced features. However, like any electronic device, users may encounter issues, and one common concern is the DJI Spark battery not charging. A reliable power source is crucial for uninterrupted flight experiences, making it essential to address and troubleshoot charging issues promptly. In this guide, we will explore potential reasons behind the DJI Spark battery not charging and provide practical solutions to help drone enthusiasts get back to enjoying their aerial adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot or a newcomer to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, understanding and resolving battery charging issues is key to maximizing the performance and longevity of your DJI Spark.

If you’re confronted with the frustrating problem of a DJI Spark battery not charging, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Follow our step-by-step guide to troubleshoot and bid farewell to the charging issues affecting your drone.

The DJI Spark, renowned for its compact design and advanced features, occasionally experiences battery charging issues that can impact its overall performance. When you encounter the “DJI Spark not charging battery” problem, it becomes imperative to identify the root cause. Several factors could contribute to this issue:

  • Physical Damage to DJI Spark Battery: The battery may have suffered physical damage due to a fall or impact, affecting its internal components.

  • Dirty or Corroded Connection Points: Accumulated dirt, dust, or rust on the connection points beneath the battery can hinder a proper connection, leading to charging difficulties.

  • Issues with the Charging Port: Problems with the drone’s charging port, such as the entry of dust, dirt, or foreign objects, can result in unsuccessful charging.

  • Outdated Firmware: Failure to update the drone’s firmware or encountering issues during the update process may lead to the battery not charging.

By addressing these potential issues systematically, you can resolve the DJI Spark battery charging problem and get back to enjoying uninterrupted drone flights.

Solutions for DJI Spark Not Charging Battery Issue

Resolving the DJI Spark not charging battery issue can often be achieved through straightforward solutions. By adhering to the steps detailed in the subheadings above, you can make substantial progress in resolving the issue or, at the very least, pinpoint its root cause. However, in instances of evident battery or device damage, the most accurate and secure solution is to contact an authorized service center. Here are the recommended solutions to address the problem:

  • Battery and Device Check: Examine the battery and drone for any visible signs of damage. Physical inspection can help identify issues that may require professional attention.

  • Try a Different Charger and Cable: Switching to an alternative charger and cable eliminates the possibility of a faulty charging accessory. This step helps determine if the issue lies with the charging equipment.

  • Test a Different Charging Port: Utilizing a different charging port on the drone can rule out problems associated with the original port. Dust or debris in the port might hinder charging, and using an alternative port can resolve this issue.

  • Update the Firmware: Ensure that your drone’s firmware is up-to-date. Outdated firmware can lead to compatibility issues and may be a contributing factor to the battery not charging. Updating the firmware can address this issue.

  • Contact Authorized Service: If none of the above steps resolves the problem, or if there is visible damage to the battery or device, reaching out to an authorized service center is the recommended course of action. Professional assistance can accurately diagnose and address any underlying issues, ensuring the optimal performance of your DJI Spark.

Clean Battery Connection Points

As time passes, the underside connection points of the battery may accumulate dirt or corrosion from dust, leading to potential charging issues. To address this, meticulously clean the connection points using a gentle brush or air spray. Following the cleaning process, try charging the battery again to assess if the issue has been resolved.

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Try a Different Charger and Cable

Certain USB ports on computers can serve as an alternative for charging drone batteries. If the standard charger proves ineffective, experiment by connecting the DJI Spark to a USB port on your computer. This can help identify whether the charging port itself is causing the issue.

Test a Different Charging Port

At times, the issue might be attributed to your charger or cable. Test an alternative, operational charger along with a compatible USB cable. Charge the DJI Spark using this different charger to assess if the battery charges correctly under these conditions.

Update the Firmware

Keeping your DJI Spark firmware up-to-date is essential for optimizing performance and addressing potential issues. Head to the official DJI website to download and install the latest firmware version. Be cautious to ensure that the firmware update process does not disrupt the charging of the device.

Calibrate the Battery Battery

Calibration plays a vital role in ensuring the proper charging of the DJI Spark’s battery. In the calibration procedure, charge the battery to its full capacity and subsequently discharge it entirely. Refer to the guidelines outlined in the DJI Spark user manual for comprehensive instructions on performing the battery calibration process.

Contact Authorized Service

If the DJI Spark battery charging problem persists despite attempting the previously mentioned steps, verify if your device is covered by warranty. If the warranty remains valid, contact DJI’s authorized service center. Skilled technicians can assess and diagnose the issue, opting for either repair or replacement of your device as necessary.

Principles of DJI Battery Operation

DJI drones employ lithium-polymer (LiPo) technology in their batteries, renowned for its impressive energy density. These batteries are acclaimed for their lightweight nature, high capacity, and rapid charging capabilities. Ensuring the proper and secure operation of DJI batteries is essential for efficient and safe drone flights.

DJI drone batteries play a crucial role in enabling users to maximize the utility of their drones. Nevertheless, users need to address common issues like reduced flight time, unexpected shutdowns, charging difficulties, overheating, and abrupt drops in charge levels for optimal drone performance.

Common Issues with DJI Battery and Solutions

DJI stands out as a leading global drone manufacturer, actively shaping the swift evolution of drone technology. Renowned for their popular and top-tier drone products, DJI prioritizes high quality and user-friendly design. Among the pivotal elements influencing performance and user satisfaction are the features embedded in DJI drone batteries.

The lifespan and cycle count of DJI drone batteries are paramount factors, determining both usage duration and sustained performance over time. Superior-quality batteries exhibit an extended lifespan and durability, enduring through more charge cycles. This longevity facilitates longer flights and enhanced shooting capabilities, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

Considered a cornerstone of drone flights, DJI drone batteries are characterized by their high capacity, swift rechargeability, safety features, portability, and long-lasting performance. These attributes collectively contribute to providing drone users with extended flight times, improved shooting capabilities, and an overall secure and satisfying user experience.


Addressing the issue of DJI Spark battery not charging requires a systematic approach and consideration of various factors. The compact and feature-rich DJI Spark drone, while popular among users, may encounter charging challenges due to physical damage, dirty connection points, charging port issues, or outdated firmware. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, users can often identify and resolve the problem, ranging from simple cleaning procedures to trying alternative chargers and cables.

If the issue persists or if there is visible damage to the battery or drone, seeking assistance from an authorized service center is recommended. Professional technicians can provide accurate diagnostics and perform necessary repairs or replacements to ensure the optimal functionality of the DJI Spark.

Regular maintenance, firmware updates, and adherence to calibration processes are essential for preventing and resolving charging issues. As the DJI Spark relies on lithium-polymer technology for its batteries, understanding their characteristics and proper operation is crucial for maximizing performance and ensuring a safe and enjoyable drone flying experience. By combining user-friendly features with diligent care and attention, users can overcome charging challenges and continue to enjoy the capabilities of their DJI Spark drone.

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